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At AnaDinno, our SEO experts team follow a properly planned strategy which would then be used to implement various other steps required to attain top rankings and would help your website to maximize its performance in search engines. Our process and strategy will vary from each industry and specialization area depending upon your nature of your business.

Have a look at the process of Search Engine Optimization being followed at AnaDinno.

Website Analysis & Evaluation


Benchmarking is the continuous process of identifying, understanding, and adapting outstanding practices against strong competitors or recognized industry leaders to help your website improve its performance. This ongoing process shall ensure that we get the right start by various analysis we implement to attain top search engine rankings. During this process your website shall be closely observed and analyzed mainly concentrating on the domain area you specialize.

 Competitor's Analysis

Our team of SEO experts prepares a list of your competitors and visits their website to closely observe and analyze various techniques used by them. During this analysis we will get a picture of the strategy with regard to promotion/optimization that would exactly work for your business.

 Website Study

After we finish our Benchmarking and Competitive Analysis, we then proceed towards analyzing your website as to how closely be it related to this previous analysis. We study the structure of your website and compare the same with that of your competitors to give us an idea of how the optimization process should be. During the Website Study process, we will also plan and design a layout for your website which will be implemented/designed during the optimization process to give your site a professional look and make it more search engine friendly.

Extensive Keyword Research

 Identifying and Defining Keywords

Careful research into keyword phrases is an essential step towards a successful SEO campaign. Our optimization process will yield no results if the proper keyword phrases are not targeted. Since single keywords are so generic in nature and usually so competitive, it is important to search appropriate "keyword phrases" consisting of more than two keywords to optimize for on each page of you website. Here we use Keyword Search tools to get the best possible and most frequently used keyword phrases for your website. The best part of these tools is that they offer up alternate keyword phrases which are frequently used and you might have missed considering them for your SEO campaign..

 Selecting The Best Keywords

After the initial keyword analysis, our team of SEOs collects all such keywords which they consider will match your business requirements and sends you a complete report of the same for your final confirmation on the keywords. You will then have to select the best keywords in the order of importance and send us the same so that we optimize the pages according to those keywords to attain maximum results.

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