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Responsive Web Design (RWD) has become the demand of the businesses. Growing in the online world without responsive web design is unimaginable and companies are taking it seriously after small screen platforms became the first choice for people to surf the web. According to the reports, more than 50% of the traffic comes from the smartphones or tablets, which makes it a very crucial element for company to increase their yearly revenue and adapt them to the changing online environment.

AnaDinno is a professional web development company and has a dedicated responsive website designing team members that are skilled and creative maestros who knows how to start from the scratch and make a user-friendly design that contains all the elements of the business and help user to find the necessary information with ease. In simpler words, its main motive is to enhance user-experience (UX) to its core while maintaining all the necessary content like articles, pictures, videos on the web pages.

Custom web design fits within in the sidelines of the small LCD's that makes it easier to use. As the sales of smartphones and tablets are increasing day-by-day, it has become a-must-have-thing for any business that is serious about its existence in it the online world. Another main advantage that is given is; it is SEO-friendly, which helps business to get better traffic and enhances its credibility and visibility in the stiff competition. Hence, it is a boon for your website to get it responsive.

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